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Written January 6, 2019

Where the glassy green Gulf of Mexico meets with the sugar soft sands of St. Pete Beach is the perfect setting for a little rest and relaxation for both vacation-going humans and some interesting inhabitants. Gliding through the warm tranquil waters, searching along the shoreline, or even exploring attractions throughout TradeWinds Island Resorts is sure to yield face-to-face interactions with “locals” who make this natural environment their home.


If the expanse of the glittering Gulf is your ideal landscape, look no further than the tiki hut right on the shore of TradeWinds Island Resorts to rent your vessel and hit the water. From there you can glide along the coast with a beautiful view of the shoreline keeping the green waves beneath. Peak over the side to enjoy a plethora of beautiful fish swimming beneath your boat. If you remembered to bring your fishing pole you can combine a little recreation with your relaxation in the form of an unspoiled fishing spot. What makes St. Pete Beach kayaking so unique and special? It provides a front row seat to the most spectacular show on Florida’s west coast, you’re that much closer to a world-class sunset. You might even catch the green flash!

kayak along the gulf on St Pete Beach

If you’re more interested in simply observing deep sea dwellers, a snorkeling or diving excursion is right up your alley. The ultimate snorkeling experience exists just off the waters surrounding historic Egmont Key State Park, where a Civil War shipwreck has become home to some of the most incredible species of tropical fish.

If exploring marine life from the surface of the water is more your speed, there is also a dolphin cruise that sets sail right from the shores in front of Island Grand. This cruise in particular educates participants on how to responsibly view dolphins in the wild, and makes for some pretty unforgettable vacation photos.


Nothing holds a candle to getting up close and personal with these deep sea dwellers. Enter, our incredible fish tanks. First up, the Touch Tank Experience at RumFish Beach Resort is unparalleled when it comes to experiencing nature firsthand (literally!). Take in interesting trivia while you hold sea urchins, brittle sea stars, hermit crabs and more in the palm of your hand.

touch tank at Guy Harvey Outpost

Ever dream of diving in to a 33,500-gallon tank? We’ve got you covered at RumFish Grill. Sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour and the "swim with the fishes" snorkeling experience in the giant aquarium built by our friends from Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked. See if you can count all of our resident fish who are all indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico.

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