The Zing Ray Zip

Our Newest Addition

Calling all thrill-seekers – be ready to check ziplining on the beach off your bucket list. Island Grand Beach Resort just became the first-ever St. Pete Beach resort to host a three-story dual-line zipline, The Zing Ray Zip! Our fearless resort guests can enjoy unlimited rides soaring through the sky while taking in a bird's eye view of the award-winning beach.

  • Location: The Zing Ray Zip is located on the beach behind Island Grand Beach Resort.
  • Size Restrictions: Guests must be a minimum of 45 lbs. and maximum of 250 lbs. to ride. All participants must be wearing closed toe shoes and shorts to ride. Closed toe crocs are acceptable.
  • Price: Unlimited Zing Ray rides are included in the Resort Amenity Fee. Non-resort guests can purchase tokens on property for $10 per ride.
  • General Information: All activities are subject to a variety of weather and water conditions. These can include rain, lightning, wind, surf or tides. Some equipment must be allowed to dry for safe operation. Thank you for understanding that this is for your safety.