Green Efforts

What if a resort could be environmentally responsible without compromising the services available to its guests? By asking this important question the Eco Team paved the way for TradeWinds to embrace the comprehensive program designed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, thus making TradeWinds the first resort in the state to apply for its Florida Green Lodging certification. The FDEP often cites TradeWinds as an example of how hoteliers can minimize their impact on the environment and enhance the sustainability of their properties.

Both Island Grand and RumFish Beach hold the Green Lodging Certification in recognition of their efforts to protect the area's natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution. Both resorts use Energy Star-rated appliances and high-efficiency air filters for indoor air quality and have an aggressive recycling program. Additionally, they have successfully lowered total water consumption by more than 30% by improving the industrial in-house laundry complex that aids in the towel and linen reuse program.

As a pioneer, TradeWinds was the first resort in the state to retrofit all beachfront fixtures with eco-friendly lighting that helps prevent newly hatched sea turtles from steering off course as they head toward the water. These efforts even won them an award after 85 baby turtles hatched and made their way to the Gulf, for the first time in over 28 years! Proudly recognized for its erosion management and habitat conservation efforts, TradeWinds continues to find new and meaningful ways to make an impact, such as planting sea oats and additional native tropical plant species around its properties.

Want to learn more about TradeWinds Green Initiatives? Check out their Florida Green Lodging certification awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. These small steps make an immense impact on the preservation of beachfront beauty. Through these educational efforts, TradeWinds hopes to ignite a passion for coastal and aquatic conservation in generations to come. Learn more about our environmental initiatives.


Founded by two eco-minded employees of TradeWinds Resort, the Eco Team's mission is to raise awareness about the effects of the "human footprint" on coastal habitats and their wildlife. The Eco Team is committed to hosting beach cleanups for local residents and resort guests throughout each year. During these cleanups, a guest speaker from local organizations such as Secrets of the Sea, Tampa Bay Watch, Sea Turtle Trackers, and Clearwater Marine Aquarium is present. These speakers lead the group in topic-related activities and issue an eco-challenge for participants to take on that month.

These cleanups provide a fun educational opportunity to engage and learn more about coastal conservation. They also serve as an opportunity for students to gain volunteer hours. Every year the team adopts multiple Sea Turtle nests along the beach. These nests are then utilized for the team to educate listeners about the importance of nest protection. Internally they have created a recycling program that has helped reduce TradeWinds' overall carbon footprint.

Want to keep up with how the TradeWinds Eco Team is saving the world one beach at a time? Follow @TWEcoTeam on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to receive upcoming event information! Or contact them directly by emailing Beach clean-ups usually take place on the second Saturday of each month.