We're Cashless

Things Just Got Easier

TradeWinds Island Resorts has joined the cashless movement! With recent cleanliness efforts furthering the steady decline of cash transactions, and newly optimized payment technology, there's one less worry.

Our property announced the new cashless business model July 6, 2022. In addition, there will be new self-check-out terminals allowing more speedy in-house transactions. Additional enhancements we are working on include: self-pay kiosks, mobile ordering, and RFID wristbands which will allow our guests to simply shop, scan, and go!

We embrace these new technological advances as a step to provide a more efficient, safe, and convenient experience - leaving you with more time to Just Let Go!

While cash will no longer be accepted for payment throughout the properties beginning July 6th, we have added “Cash to Card” machines at both Island Grand Beach Resort and RumFish Beach Resort. These machines work as a reverse ATM (without the fees) converting cash to pre-paid debit cards that can be used anywhere. Our employee partners are still able to accept cash for gratuities, but we will not be able to make change onsite.

We look forward to welcoming you and are excited to hear your feedback!