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Pets on Vacation

Best Tips for Fido & Kitty

As a pet owner, you may think that bringing your pet on vacation requires certain sacrifices, but there are ways to simplify the process. It’s always smart to bring your pets to the vet for a pre-trip checkup. It’s important to bring with you their meds as well as the most recent copies of their medical records and vaccination history, needed for airlines and hotels. Make sure Fido’s carrying case is big enough for him to lie down, stand up, and fully turn around. Take him on a few test drives before the big trip to get him used to the crate and the car. Pack a pet travel kit with food, dishes, leash, plastic bags, and a pooper scooper. If you’re traveling in Florida, remember that the law says not to leave your pet alone in the car. When it’s 83º outside, with the window down 2 inches, the inside car temperature can reach 109 in less than 15 minutes.

It’s a rare occasion to find a resort that offers a stressful free pet-friendly atmosphere for travelers, that’s what makes TradeWinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beach such a find! Just think, can you name another resort with designated dog walking paths and Pet Play Zone? 

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