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Outdoor St. Pete Beach Sports at TradeWinds

Here in the Sunshine State, finding ways to get out and enjoy our amazing weather is always a great idea. That’s why TradeWinds Resort offers such a wide range of on-site activities! Sports fans are particularly well provided for — our available outdoor St. Pete Beach sports activities give guests lots of opportunity to stay fit and have fun. So if you’re athletically minded, here are just some of the sporty goings-on you can look forward to discovering during your visit.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) is more than just a fun way to stay in shape. SUP’ers stand on a surfboard-style piece of gear and hit the water. But rather than trying to catch the momentum of a wave, paddleboarders create their own energy — exploring calmer waters with the aid of an elongated oar. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of the gulf while also getting in a fantastic core workout that engages major muscle groups.  

Jet Ski Riding

A day on the water doesn’t get more fun than this! Our partners at Scupper’s Watersports offer both guided tours, and open rentals of these high-speed watercraft. Tour excursions follow a stunning sightseeing course that takes guests to several points of interest along a 26-mile route. Of course, you’re also able to chart your own course! The on-site Scupper’s Watersports hut is on the beach between Island Grand and RumFish.  


Sure, the warm and inviting gulf waters just outside our front door are a lot of fun to skim along the top of. But there’s a whole world just beneath the surface waiting to be discovered! In fact, one of Florida’s best-maintained artificial reef systems is located right nearby. Interested in exploring? We recommend reaching out to our friends at Gulfport Dive Center. They know all the best spots for underwater sightseeing, including the reef, picturesque kelp beds, areas of diverse seal life, and maybe even a few shipwrecks!  


The Gulf Coast is one of the world’s most active sportfishing hubs. So if you’re on the hunt for your next trophy, then there’s no better hotspot for dropping hook than right here at our seaside escape. Your TradeWinds concierge can recommend (or even help arrange!) a trek with any of several local fishing charters, all of which have the expertise needed to show novices and veteran anglers alike a great day out on the water. 


If you’ve ever played a few rounds of tennis in the warm Gulf Coast sunshine and a light sea breeze, you understand the appeal. If not, then here’s your chance! Our resort has a pair of pro-grade tennis courts for our guests to get out there and make a racquet. Didn’t pack your gear? No problem. Racquets and tennis balls are available to be checked out at the RumFish front desk. So feel free to work on your overhand to your heart’s content.

Beach Volleyball

Serve, set and spike! Beach volleyball has been a seaside sports staple for decades. And once you get in a game or three, it’s easy to see why. A few rounds of healthy competition in the sun isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s an amazing workout. So whenever you’re ready to head out and get some matches in, the SchiedePro courts at Island Grand are ready to accommodate you. And it’s never hard to find other teams of guests to play along!  


Seeing the coastline from a kayak is a fantastic (and family-friendly!) activity that our guests tell us they love. More leisurely than our Jet Ski tours — and a step down in strenuousness from stand-up paddleboarding — cruising the sapphire-toned gulf waters in a kayak can be a relaxing way to enjoy the ocean at your own pace. Kayak rentals are available at Island Grand’s Adventure Center. 

Beach Games

Sometimes, all you want to do is relax on the beach with some great games — and earn yourself some bragging rights in the bargain! Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. Feel like “putts”-ing around with a little Mini Golf? Get into the swing right on-site. Shuffleboard more your speed? Right this way. You can even get your game on with some Foosball, Basketball, Bimini Ring, Ladder Ball, Bocce, Cornhole, plus GIANT-sized Chess, Connect Four, Jenga and much more! It’s all here.  


Pssst! — have you played Pickleball yet? Pickleball is the low-impact (but big-time fun) activity that’s catching on in popularity all across the country. Think of it as a full-scale game of ping-pong. Singles or teams play the game with racquet-sized paddles, and hit “Wiffle”-style balls in volleys over the net. It’s fun, it’s great cardio, and it’s now available at TradeWinds! Equipment available for checkout for all guests of both properties. 

Plan Your Sporty Escape to TradeWinds

Ready to check out all of our on-site sports, games, and more? Stop by the TradeWinds Special Offers page and check out our amazing St. Pete Beach travel deals, and select the package that’s right for you. Do it all, or nothing at all — your escape is up to you. We look forward to hosting your “just let go” getaway! 


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