Splash at TradeWind's Water Parks in Florida

Splash and play in our fun, safe, quality inflatable water park with slides, trampolines, ocean loungers, and island rafts. Florida’s newest beach splash is a 15,750-square-foot inflatable water park. Are you ready to start your St Pete Beach vacation? Space is limited and passes can go fast, reserve your spot at the Adventure Center at your earliest convenience!

Registered guests can purchase Floating Water Park passes with a room key at the Adventure Center, located at Island Grand.

Please note: The water temperature has to sustain a temperature of 75 degrees for the water park to open. Operation of the Water Park is also subject to weather and water conditions including rain, lightning, wind, surf, or tides. The waterpark may close or suspend operations due to any of these conditions. As soon as conditions permit safe operation, the park will re-open. 

Days of Operation (June 3-7): Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Days of Operation (starting June 8): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Each Session: 1 hour. $40/hour. The first session starts at 10:00 a.m. The last session starts at 3:00 p.m.

  • Anvil: Make your way up the tallest piece in the park! Catch some serious air while sliding down the drop chute slide or leaping off the peak into the gulf waters!
  • Monkey Dome: The Monkey Dome is a fun feature that challenges users to swing or climb their way across without falling.
  • Trampoline: Bounce your way around this fun inflatable. The trampoline is built for excellent bouncing performance.
  • Freefall Extreme: The Freefall Extreme features a 10-foot high zero-entry slide that allows multiple guests to plunge straight into the Gulf. It also has a large enclosed splash zone for playing, bouncing, and resting.
  • Blockade: The Blockade is an on-the-water obstacle course to race your friends on.
  • Thunderdome: The Thunderdome delivers climbing fun with 32 climbing handles, a climbing mountain, and an interior lower splash zone for jumping and resting.
  • I-HOP 20: The I-Hop 20 is a crowd favorite! Created to challenge guests to hop, jump, or crawl across the I-Hop 20 accommodates up to four participants in a head-to-head competition.
  • Catapult: Get ready to swing or launch yourself over the water. The Catapult offers a trapeze-style swinging experience! With climbing steps on the inside and outside, it makes it easy to board from the water and climb on the swing.
  • Splashmats and Runways: Situated throughout the park, inspiring continuous free-play, and a serious case of the giggles, the splashmats and runways allow for running, playing, and sunning.