Paradise Rewards

Details & Program Benefits

Paradise Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to accumulate points that can be used during future stays for retail items as well as food and beverage items. There are two levels: Member and Preferred. To reach the Preferred status, you must charge more than $10,000 (not including taxes) back to your room in a 24-month period.

To become a member, click here and select the Sign Up button.

Login to Account Login to Account

Your User ID is the email you used to sign up and the password is Test@123. Then click on Login. To change your password, go to the upper corner and select Change Password. To find out how many points you have, click on ACCOUNTS. On desktop, you can view the number of points you have under Member Overview next to Total Points. On mobile, you can view your points when you scroll down to My Transaction. On mobile, points are shown in the dollar amount. We are working diligently to fix this.

Program Details

There’s no cost to join and you can start earning points immediately to redeem for amenities during your next stay. Past stays cannot be added to newly created Paradise Rewards accounts. Points and status will only be added to Paradise Rewards accounts after the initial sign-up date. Points for all stays are awarded 48-72 hours after checkout.

Points will dissolve and levels will drop down for each 24-month period that members do not stay and do not maintain spend for that level. For example, if you were a Preferred member in November 2023 with 10,000 points and don't have an eligible spend of at least $10,000 before December 2025, you will drop down to Member and have no points.

Members-only email for personalized service regarding questions on your account:

Eligible Spend

Eligible spending must be posted to your room account (requires an overnight stay and establishment of charging privileges) and does not include taxes, gratuities, purchases made using a TradeWinds gift card, Paradise Rewards card, purchases made through an online ecommerce application for beach recreation, water sports or spa, or other applicable charges. The resort amenity fee is an eligible charge.

Reservation Methods

Reservations must be made on our website,, or through the TradeWinds Reservations Office at 888.266.1239. If you book through a third party or online travel agency site, you will only receive points for charges made back to your room (e.g., food and beverage and retail charges). When making reservations, please provide your Member ID to the Reservation Agent.

Point Redemption

Points can be redeemed at any retail or food & beverage outlet. Please note: 2,000 points = $5; 3,500 points = $10; 10,000 points = $25; 17,500 points = $50; 35,000 points = $100. Points can not be used for room charges, water sports, spa, the food truck, third-party vendors, special events such as holiday buffets, or at any e-commerce sites. If using points at food and beverage outlets, please login to on your mobile device and show your Member Number before ordering. Points must be used at the time of purchase. Because this is a reward, the Paradise Rewards discount does not apply. 

Directions when purchasing items at any retail or food & beverage outlet: Go to and login. Select ACCOUNTS and show your Member Number or provide the email address you used to login.

Levels of Members

Points for all stays are awarded 48-72 hours after checkout. Points can be redeemed at any retail shop and most food & beverage outlets. Points can not be redeemed on ecommerce sites for Activities, Spa or Food Truck.


When less than $10,000 is posted to your room account(s) in a 24-month period, you are at the Member Level and receive:

  • 10% off resort Food and Beverage
  • 10% off resort Retail Purchases


When $10,000 or more is posted to your room account(s) during a 24-month period, you achieve Preferred status and receive:

  • 20% off resort Food and Beverage
  • 20% off resort Retail Purchases
  • 1 Paradise Rewards Amenity. Choose from a custom branded tote bag, cutting/charcuterie board, or (2) insulated tumblers. Redeem your gift at the RumFish Grill retail shop located inside RumFish Grill at RumFish Beach Resort. Simply let the retail associate know you are a Preferred Member and show your member status when you login on 
  • 1 Complimentary Front Row Beach Cabana (go to the cabana hut, log into your Paradise Rewards account and provide the information on your account)

View the complete list of TERMS AND CONDITIONS.