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A Well-Deserved Seat at Super Bowl LV

Written February 11, 2021

You might not put it together at first – but Florine Whitfield has a lot in common with Tom Brady. The most tenured person at TradeWinds, she’s been a mainstay in the Housekeeping Department for 37 years. She makes it look easy with her ever-present smile and optimism, but she certainly has put in the work behind the scenes every day for the benefit of our guests. Another similarity? Both Tom and Florine are humble beyond measure, always giving credit to the team when they catch some well-deserved accolades. These reasons and more made it all the sweeter to be able to send Florine to represent TradeWinds at this historic event.

When Florine found out she’d be going to the Super Bowl she immediately knew she would be taking her granddaughter. Not only was this their first Super Bowl, this was their first Tampa Bay Buccaneers game! She’d been following along and excited about all of the other championships that Tampa Bay teams had won and she had a great feeling about this one, too. The two geared up and got themselves over to Raymond James for a day they wouldn’t forget.

After the first points were scored by the Kansas City Chiefs, Florine said she experienced her favorite part of the whole night. She explained that the energy shifted immediately as Tom Brady came back out and everyone just knew that was the last time the Chiefs would have the lead. She told us “Tom Brady said nope, not again and stopped them cold. That first touchdown was awesome.” From there it was a celebration in the stands after each end zone entry and they both danced their way through the halftime show featuring The Weeknd. That happened to be her granddaughter’s favorite part of the day but Florine was out of her seat, too! They both even took home a souvenir, a bracelet that lit up different colors for different sections during the performance.

Overall, being a part of this very special piece of Tampa Bay history meant a lot to Florine. She elaborated on the fact that the Buccaneers have constantly been underrated and brushed aside. When we won, we finally won BIG! The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series and now the Bucs won the Super Bowl. Florine mentioned a couple of times how proud she was of the city and that it was a long time coming. We could easily say the same thing about her representing us during such a special moment. It’s been a long time coming for you too, Florine! Her passion for our guests, this company and her team is truly inspiring. Employees like Florine make us feel like we’ve won the Super Bowl every single day.

Raymond James Stadium for Super Bowl

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