Paradise Rewards

Terms & Conditions

Program Rules

1. Only individuals are eligible for Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program membership, and each individual may maintain only one account. Corporations, groups and/or associated entities cannot enroll as Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program members.

2. Members must provide a valid email address to register for the Paradise Rewards program.

3. Only one Paradise Rewards enrollment is allowed per email address, home address and phone number. Paradise Rewards membership holder names must match the name on the reservation(s) and payment method at the time of check-in for the applicable charges to be applied to the membership holder’s account.

4. If more than one membership number is assigned to an individual, he/she will only receive points for one account. Duplicate accounts will be canceled and point adjustments will be made at the discretion of TradeWinds Island Resorts.

5. Preferred members can choose one item from several special gifts, which must be picked up from the resort shop and are not for resale.

6. Account holders are responsible for updating and making changes to their contact information including email address, mailing address, name and phone number.

7. Points will only be added to Paradise Rewards accounts after the initial sign-up date. Past stays cannot be added to newly created Paradise Rewards accounts.

8. Paradise Rewards membership and its benefits are offered at the discretion of TradeWinds Island Resorts. TradeWinds has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel Program Rules, regulations, rewards and reward levels at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of points already accumulated, the ability to use accumulated points or the ability to obtain certain rewards. TradeWinds may, among other things: (a) increase or decrease the number of points received for a stay or required for a reward; (b) withdraw, limit, modify or cancel reward; (c) add blackout dates, limit rooms available for any reward at the hotels or otherwise restrict the continued availability of rewards; (d) change program benefits; travel partners; locations served by TradeWinds; conditions of participation; rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting points or rules governing the use of rewards. The accumulation of points does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to points, rewards or program benefits. In accumulating points, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any reward or reward level.

9. Participation in the Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures (“Program Rules”) that TradeWinds may, in its discretion, adopt from time to time. TradeWinds may amend the Program Rules at any time without notice. TradeWinds has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program Rules.

10. The rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation or limitation at TradeWinds discretion, with or without notice. The number of points required to redeem any reward may be substantially increased. Any reward may be withdrawn and restrictions on any reward or its redemption may be imposed at any time.

11. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program point credit or reward use, TradeWinds has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, and all points and certificates earned through Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program may be forfeited and the account closed.

12. TradeWinds and its agents make no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to items of merchandise and shall not be liable for any loss, expense (including without limitation, any legal fees), accident or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of such items or as a result of any defect or failure of such items. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose are specifically disclaimed.

13. The awarding of Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program points and the redemption of Paradise Rewards Loyalty certificates are void where prohibited by law.

14. Respecting your privacy is a priority for us. To keep you apprised of your Paradise Rewards Loyalty information, it is important that we send you certain program information that may include information necessary for administration as well as marketing materials from TradeWinds, which will inform you of special offers and products we believe would be of interest to you. The information you provide to us when enrolling in Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program and redeeming points is processed in our computer systems. As a participant in Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program, you have consented to receive all of the kinds of information described above. You will, however, be given the opportunity to opt out of said communications at your discretion.


Point Accrual Terms

1. You must inform TradeWinds Island Resorts of your Paradise Rewards membership to receive any applicable points on your account. TradeWinds is not responsible for tracking applicable points.

2. Points will only be added to Paradise Rewards accounts after the initial sign up date. Past stays cannot be added to newly created Paradise Rewards accounts.

3. Points will only be added to Paradise Rewards accounts if the name and email address on the account match the name and email address on the reservation and payment method.

4. You must allow approximately 1 to 2 weeks after checkout for the stay to be credited to your account and points to be reflected.

5. Points will dissolve and members will drop down a level if they do not stay at TradeWinds Island Resorts during a 24-month period.

6. For TradeWinds to track your points balance, you must charge all purchases on property back to your room. TradeWinds cannot track any spending that is made using cash, credit or any other form of payment and that is not charged back to guest rooms.

7. Applicable spending does not include state sales tax, occupancy tax, purchases made by using a TradeWinds gift card, Paradise Rewards cards, or purchases made through an online ecommerce application for beach recreation, water sports or spa.

8. For a list of applicable incidental charges, please contact Paradise Rewards Member Services directly.

9. Room charges that are not considered applicable for Paradise Rewards point accrual are: pre-paid rooms where the booking is made by an agent or third party and you pay for that booking directly to such a third party, such as tour operators; pre-paid channels, including but not limited to,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and, etc. In this case, please note that incidental charges made on property that are charged back to guest rooms will still count towards Paradise Rewards accounts.

10. Employee, friends and family rates are not eligible to accrue Paradise Rewards points.

11. TradeWinds Island Resorts reserves the right to apply or deduct applicable points as deemed necessary based on our sole discretion and interpretation of the Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program Rules.

12. Paradise Rewards points cannot be redeemed for cash.

13. Point purchases cannot be mailed under any circumstances.

14. Point purchases cannot be reissued if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed.

15. Accrued points do not constitute property of the member. Points accrued by a Paradise Rewards member are for the member’s benefit only and may not be transferred to anyone else for any reason.

16. If you feel that your point balance is incorrect, please contact TradeWinds either by phone or email with a complete description of the discrepancy and accompany the correspondence with a copy of the hotel receipt(s) to TradeWinds Paradise Rewards Member Services. Requests to add or modify points must be received within one year of the applicable stay(s).

17. The accumulation of points is subject to the Paradise Rewards Loyalty Program Rules. Each member is responsible for reading the rules to understand his or her rights, responsibilities, and point levels.