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A Note from Guy Harvey

As a scientist, artist, and avid sportsman who enjoys diving and fishing, I have had the good fortune of traveling our blue planet for research, work and for fun.

Through my travels, I have come to appreciate how small our world is and how much stress is being put upon our irreplaceable marine environment. Every day I have greater appreciation for the challenges that we face in simply understanding the marvels of the marine world and how to conserve these resources for our children and future generations. What I have concluded is we all need to unplug from the computer, pack our gear and get out there. Get really connected to the world.

Breaking away is a big decision. Where to go? How long to stay? How do I get the most out of the time away? How do I make sure I have a great time? The questions are numerous; the options are endless. For this reason, I've created The Guy Harvey Outpost Resort concept.

Our goal is to create a collection of properties in unique destinations owned and staffed by people who are passionate about their time on, in and around the water. We want to create a recreational product that exemplifies the type of experiences I enjoy in my travels, where each trip is an adventure – an expedition of discovery, with experiences that become memories to last a lifetime.

There are a seemingly endless number of water sport activities to pursue in the St. Pete/Tampa Bay area. We’ve hoisted our flag on a remarkable beach, in the cradle of the Florida Gulf Coast. Fish offshore or backcountry, dive sunken shipwrecks, or surf, it’s all there! Catch a ball game, take in an art museum or explore one of the many amazing aquariums found throughout the area. You’ll need a vacation from your vacation!

So, just go for it! Get out there and hone your skills, learn something new, expand your vision, and get really connected to the world. Do that and you'll find it truly rewarding when it’s time to simply stretch out in one of our hammocks and relax.

As we say at Guy Harvey Outpost,

From the Oceans, Comes Life...Enjoy the Journey!

Guy Harvey
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