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Experience JetLev
on St. Pete Beach

Now TradeWinds Island Resorts...the coolest, most exhilarating watersports ride of your life - the new JetLev! You can literally fly over the Gulf, soar up to 30 feet in the air...or hover and walk along the water. JetLev is unlike any thrill ride you'll ever experience.

Take your beach vacation to new heights at TradeWinds...the first resort on Florida's west coast to offer flights aboard these custom-designed packs.

Call 888.OUR.JETLEV or 727.363.2294 for pricing and to book your next JetLev experience at TradeWinds!

Must be 18 years of age to fly. To learn to fly JetLev, every guest must attend the JetLev Flight Center flight center overview (15 minutes). The actual flight experience requires 45 minutes to complete with 30 minutes of airtime. JetLev is a water propelled Jetpack. The system is powered by 450 lbs of thrust from a 255 HP SuperCharged engine, which can propel the pilot to heights of 30 feet. JetLev can fly 30 mph and the throttle can also be controlled remotely by the flight-instructor which will guide the rider how to use the controls during their initial flight to ensure a safe and controlled experience. A flight assistant on a waverunner will also accompany each JetLev pilot to ensure a safe and uninterrupted flight experience. Go-Pro video footage and still shots are also available to document your ride of a lifetime.

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